Ready to go !

Thank you so much for purchasing one of my site designs! I can’t wait to get in there and make it yours! Below is a list of information and content that I need to get from you to make this all work! If there is anything that I need from you later on, I’ll be in contact with you through email! Talk soon!

  • Link to the demo site for content reference: WINDSWEPT
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: HEARTFELT
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: MAGNOLIA
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: LOVE STORY
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: LITTLE BLACK DRESS
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: STEAM
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: MUSE
  • Link to the demo site for content reference: UPPERCLASS

As you fill out the form, copy This INFO into a word processor and save ALONG THE WAY, in case anything goes wonky. once sent, We will confirm receipt of this form WHEN WE SEE IT Via email within one-two business days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re Basically ready to Go! Here are some helpful steps to be proactive.

  1. Save the answers above to a word document just in case.
  2. Expect an email from us confirming receipt of your answers within 1-2 business days.  
  3. Ensure our email “”  is given access to your high-resolution photo gallery. We need a mix of vertical and horizontal photos. (Pixieset, ShootProof, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)
  4. Ensure we have any logos, badge files, and 1-3 horizontal orientation headshots of you for your about page. 
  5. We will request you set up delegate domain access to us so that we can send your site live. 

Provide download access to ” ” via your client galleries (Pixieset, Shootproof, etc). Providing this email access also works on Dropbox, gmail, or other cloud storage platforms. 

Send us full high-resolution jpeg photos. We will resize and optimize all of files so that your photography is beautiful and optimized on your new website.

Sites go live generally 8-12 weeks after all of your content is received. This fluctuates depending on how many people are submitting their content. It is a first come, first served basis.

After submitting this form you can still email ” ” with further files and info. 

We can add additional galleries at $50 each. We gladly provide additional design work at $75/hr.