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What the heck is a pre-fab website?! You’ve probably seen people selling themes or templates, but you have to install, configure, and design your site yourself still, and they never end up looking as good as the demo, right?! haha Well, that is what inspired our pre-fab sites! We needed to name them something different, because they are so much more than a DIY template that you have to figure out! They are the next best thing to having a custom site built for you. You pick the design style you like. We get the content from you. We build it and launch! All of the technical, headachey stuff is taken care of for you! Explore the info below, check out the designs, skim through our FAQ’s, and throw us a msg! We are excited to help you on your business journey!” – Jon Pasquariello, Owner & Lead Designer

Explore beautiful websites for your incredible photography! Our pre-fabs are fully designed to showcase your photography and portfolio. They are elegant, optimized, and fully equipped with premium plug-ins and back-end optimization.  You’ll have a friendly and responsive team that is thoughtful in implementing details and creating a cohesive design within your new website.


If you are all ready to sign up, reach out HERE and we can get you setup with a contract, invoice, and content form! Excited to see your artwork!

  • Built on WordPress
  • $500/month Payment Plan Available
  • You get what you see! Design/Layout/Menu, Populated with your awesome content!
  • Fully done-for-you install, setup, content loading and launch
  • Fully Responsive viewing for Mobile & Tablets
  • Gallery & Blog Guide (if applicable)
  • Includes 1 Year of Hosting, Theme/Plugin Maintenance, Backups, and Security
  • Easy tutorial videos so that you’re equipped to make changes to content, photos, and add to site
  • A thoughtful and responsive design team
  • Blog Page available for an additional $250
  • SEO Package added for an additional $2400
    (can be combined into monthly payment plan)


“The guys over at Photography Web Design have been wonderful from the start. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without them! They have upped my online presence and helped me stand out in the crowd! They have awesome ideas, give me feedback on my thoughts, and prioritizes my needs for my business online. I can now say I’m on the front page of Google!

Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial 12 months of free hosting, Photography Web Designs provides hosting,  back-end maintenance (updates of plug-ins/themes), back-ups, and security for $50/month.

All clients are provided with full administrator access to make changes to their site. Photography Web Designs also provides a growing number of helpful tutorial videos to equip you to make changes whenever you’d need to. 

We’re glad to help make further changes to your site at $75/hr.

Yes. SEO is available to your new pre-fab site at additional $2400. This can be combined into your current payment plan.

By default our pre-fab sites come in the colors shown. We provide easy tutorial videos that are available to equip you to make style changes that fit your aesthetic. 

No. Once contract is signed, first invoice is paid, and we receive your content (photos, etc), our designers will get to work.

Sites go live generally 8-12 weeks after all of your content is received. This fluctuates depending on how many people are submitting their content. It is a first come, first served basis.

We can add additional photo galleries at $50 each.

Jon, and his team, is our ‘GO-TO’ solution for everything we need from now on! He is so creative, slick, and knows how to represent YOUR website, and maybe consciously or subconsciously develop YOUR brand! He brings everything together so cohesively – it is remarkable! He has a PASSION FOR IT AND LOVES IT.

I was highly recommended to use Photography Web Designs for my website and SEO. I always say you get what you pay for and your website is like a portfolio that everyone with an internet can see, so if you’re looking to invest in your business with a great website- it is definitely money well spent. They are Awesome!!”

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We get it, this is a big step. Investing in your business is scary, but we’ve got you! Answering questions is what we do best – let’s talk it through and figure out what is important to you and your business, getting you off the computer and out there behind your camera!

If you are all ready to sign up, reach out below and we can get you setup with a contract, invoice, and content form! Excited to see your artwork!

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